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Body Treatments

Back cleanse $90

Scrub, mask with infrared therapy or hot towel


Infrared Therapy $15 & up

For aching muscles that relieves pain in almost any part of your body (45min)

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Therapy 

RF energy delivered deep into tissue layers destroys fat cells for removal from the body, and releases connective tissue that causes dimples, while also stimulating the body’s natural healing cascade and collagen production.

- Radiofrequency Treatment (30min) $90

- Radiofrequency Treatment (1h) $180

Electric Muscles Stimulation(EMS) Treatment

Body treatment that helps painlessly slim and improve your body

- Circulation and Strength $45  (1h)

- Shaping and Slimming $50  (1h)

- Breast Enhancement $45  (1h)

- EMS Body Massage $45  (1h)


Body Conscious
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